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You can ask a question here about anything that you find difficult to understand when it comes to the Christian faith and we'll respond as soon as possible. You can also ask for some literature or further help in various ways.

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You may be interested in listening to some brief talks or watching some short videos on various topics related to Christian faith. Just click on the button below for our media links.

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You may be interested in discovering more through links to some external websites. Some are designed for young people whilst others are for those who wish to dig a bit deeper. Click on the button below for details.

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This site has been set up by Christians in Birmingham who have a concern to help those seeking answers about the Christian faith. The site aims to provide a summary of the Christian faith and links to some other, chosen sites that have further useful information. These other sites focus on special aspects of the faith or are designed for those from a certain age or background. There is also a form you can submit to ask a question and receive a personal response, or simply to ask for some literature to be sent to you.

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